Sorting "Refine by" in InfoSoup - UPDATE

UPDATE: The default sort for Location has been reset to alphabetical order. The only diffrence from before is "Children" is now also listed in alphabetical order, rather than as second in the list. 

There has been a recent change in InfoSoup that has been causing some minor confusion. After you do a search in InfoSoup, you can use the Refine by column to limit your results by format, location, genre, language, etc. In the past, the location list always began with Adult & Young Adult and Children, and then three libraries in alphabetical order. Clicking on more > would continue listing all the InfoSoup libraries in alphabetical order.

Like the other Refine by sections, Location now sorts by "hit count" rather than by alphabetical order.

Before Now

After clicking on more > the locations continue to list in order of hit count.

Fortunately, it is easy to put the list back in alphabetical order -- after you click on more >, just click on Name to reorder the list alphabetically.

If you want to return to ordering the list from most to least, you can click on Hit count. A number of other libraries have also complained to the vendor managing the catalog software that it makes more sense for Refine by: Location to sort alphabetically by default. They plan on addressing this issue in a future release of the software.

One area where this new feature might be useful is with sorting Format by Name. If you are looking for a DVD, and you don't care if it is a regular DVD or a Blu-Ray, it is easier to find all the DVD formats if you sort the format results by Name.

Check the formats you want, and hit Apply. As always, if you have any questions about using InfoSoup, just ask at your local library.