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Issues with the New OverDrive Web Site

With the move to a new web site, numerous issues and problems have been reported. We are working with OverDrive to resolve them as quickly as possible. We thank you for your patience. Here is a list of some, but not all of the reported problems:

  1. Titles capped at 14 days no longer have the patron notification that they are capped.
  2. There are widespread reports of slowness in loading the mobile site through the app, or it not loading at all (though loading directly through the browser seems to work fine).
  3. Getting out of the Teens and Kids e-reading rooms is difficult. A clearer way to get back to the main collection would be helpful. (FYI - The "Main Collection" can be found in the menu under Collections.
  4. iPhone users are reporting a message telling them to update to the most recent (Internet Explorer) browser.
  5. Kindle Fire users are unable to expand the menu on the mobile site.

Also, the new OverDrive site changed the way that the holds position is displayed when in My account.. Previously, it was reported as your "relative" position in line (your position divided by the number of copies in the collection). Now, it is your "definite" position (your position among all the holds, regardless of copies).


New OverDrive Site Coming November 7th

Users of Wisconsin's Digital Library will be happy to hear that a new, streamlined version of the OverDrive website is scheduled to go live November 7th. Finding and borrowing digital titles will be even easier. Learn more about the changes or visit the Wisconsin's Digital Library (web site or in your app) and click on the orange announcement with a link to try out the new site.

Current OverDrive apps will work with the new OverDrive web site. When the new web site goes live, there will be no need to download a new OverDrive app. OverDrive is, however, working on a new app that should be available after the holidays.

Most Anticipated Fiction - Fall 2016

Check out this selection of the most anticipated fiction books of fall 2016, as selected by Publishers Weekly. This list includes Fiction, Mystery/Thriller/Crime, and Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror titles. The complete list, including nonfiction titles can be found on the Publishers Weekly web site.

Magazines No Longer Available on OverDrive

We regret to announce that, effective October 1st, magazines will no longer be available in Wisconsin's Digital Library. In July, OverDrive terminated its partnership with Barnes and Noble, which provides NOOK Periodicals for Wisconsin's Digital Library.

We are working with another vendor and hope to have online magazines available again at the beginning of the new year. We will make an announcement on InfoSoup as soon as we know more. We appreciate your use of Wisconsin's Digital Library, and we are very sorry for this inconvenience.

Read On Wisconsin 2016 -2017

Each month, Read On Wisconsin highlights a great selection of books for kids and teens. The 2016 -2017 School Year lists are now available. You can se our Read On Wisconsin page to help you find these titles in InfoSoup, or visit the Read on Wisconsin web site to learn more about the program and the titles selected.

InfoSoup Joins the Digital Public Library of America

InfoSoup historic digital collections (formerly InfoSoup Memory Project) can now be accessed through the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). Along with collections from InfoSoup libraries, some 400,000 records representing photographs, books, maps, artifacts and other historical resources from more than 200 Wisconsin libraries, archives, historical societies and museums are also now part of DPLA. Resources in DPLA can be found searching InfoSoup. After entering your search terms, click on the Articles Tab and then select Digital Public Library of America from the database list. Local resources can also be found by searching directly on the DPLA web site or by visiting Recollection Wisconsin.

Wisconsin’s partnership with DPLA is coordinated by Recollection Wisconsin, a collaborative initiative of WiLS, Wisconsin Historical Society, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee, Milwaukee Public Library and Marquette University.

Learn more about Wisconsin joining DPLA

Also checkout this Welcome, Wisconsin post from DPLA.

Finding DPLA Resources in InfoSoup

  1. Enter a search in InfoSoup. DPLA is a large database, so the more precise the search the better (e.g. "Door County Wisconsin" will get better results than just "Door County").
  2. Select the Articles Tab.
  3. Select Digital Public Library of America from the database list.