Problems with OverDrive in the New Catalog - UPDATED

UPDATED 9/5/2020. We believe the problem with OverDrive loans and holds showing incorrectly and the problem of placing holds has been fixed. Please let you local library know if you are still seeing problems with your OverDrive titles in your account activity. 

There is currently a problem in the catalog with OverDrive titles. OverDrive titles listed in your InfoSoup Loans and Holds are not updating. Trying to place OverDrive holds in InfoSoup, for many users, also bring up a "Your account does not appear to be valid" error. 

Until this issue is resolved we recommend that users go directly to OverDrive ( or use Libby or the OverDrive app for all OverDrive transactions. Loans and Holds will display correctly in OverDrive and in Libby. For now, please ignore any of the information in InfoSoup regarding your OverDrive Loans and Holds.