MyHeritage Library Edition Replacing Ancestry Library Edition

In 2019, we have decided to replace Ancestry Library Edition with MyHeritage Library Edition. While we recognize that Ancestry is a unique and valuable genealogy resource, our licensing agreement only allowed us to make it available to users from inside an InfoSoup library. Over the years, the cost for Ancestry has continued to go up and usage has declined. MyHeritage Library Edition, while not the same as Ancestry, provides access to many of the same resources along with many new resources exclusive to MyHeritage. In addition, MyHeritage will be available to all InfoSoup users from anywhere with your library card. We will miss having Ancestry in the library, but hope that the easier access to MyHeritage will make the switch a better value for InfoSoup users.

February 28th is the last day Ancestry will be available on InfoSoup*. MyHeritage Library Edition is already available to InfoSoup users.

Ancestry will remain available at the Appleton Public Library and all Door County Library Branches.